RC VTOL Harrier AV-8B maiden (day)

Joel Vlashof (VJM Aviation) was so kind to let me use 3Ddata of his Harrier project. Now a flying Harrier is born. The whole fuselage is 3D printed and partial enforced with carbon/epoxy resin, glasfiber/varnish (Parkettlack). The wing is a new semiscale construction and is conventional built up (foam cut, enforced with carbon struts, glasfiber, resin). This is just a mockup for testing flight envelope, to keep it simple two 70mm EDFs are attached sidewise to the fuse. In the futur we will make further tests with a pegasus unit, so that we can handle STO, normal flight, inbound transition and vertical landing. A slideshow with details of the building is under construction.


Hier könnt ihr mit dem Vorstand des Modellflugvereins Zumikon - Maur Kontakt aufnehmen.